Dance the Night Away

About Sea Breeze Agency

Since 2009 we’ve helped Saga by sourcing dance hosts for their cruise ships. Every gentleman that we provide is highly professional, and know what it takes to effectively work on-board these vessels. We’re always looking for new talent, and we know there are great dancers out there. If you’re looking for  an opportunity  as a dance host, aboard some of the UK’s best cruise ships, contact us today.

Services We Provide

We’re looking for gentleman dancers who want to dance  on Saga’s cruise ships. Once you’re aboard, your role is to dance with ladies during the evening, host a table, and to attend various classes and events as required.

Small Ship Cruising

Saga specialise in small ship cruising, and on each vessel there are ladies that require dancing partners. Hosting on the smaller ships is often more enjoyable, because we are able to interact with the majority of passangers on-board.

Travel the World

There is potential to travel the world with this role. In the recent past our dancers have travelled across Europe, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean. Cruises always start and end in the UK, and last anywhere from four days up to 40.

Our History of Dancing

At the age of 5 Richard started dancing, competing successfully across the country in the ballroom and Latin American disciplines until he was 18. When Richard was 46 he met Jill and the dancing resumed. Previously Jill had very little dancing experience but is now keen to get on the dancing floor. Richard says that dancing keeps them fit, helps them to meet new people and enabled him to become a dance host which eventually led to their current position of proprietors of Sea Breeze Agency

Since 2009 Richard and Jill have supplied dance hosts for the Saga cruise ships and this is a role they are looking forward to continuing into the future. Their passion for dancing is clear by the energy and enthusiasm they give to running their Agency.

The dance host role has taken Richard as far afield as Africa, the Arctic and the Caribbean as well as numerous European destinations and has given him the opportunity to meet wonderful people and visit amazing places.